Technical Solutions

Koanga specialises in the rollout of configurable Cost and Contract Solutions for clients to enhance their Project Management governance. Previous clients have ranged from Owner based, EPC to Construction Management firms. Referencing standardised Contract frameworks (such as NEC4) as underling contract governance and leveraging off industry leading cloud-based IT solutions such as ARES PRISM G2, FlowForma workflow and Microsoft Azure products; Koanga works with the client to ensure an integrated solution is provided to meet the specific project requirements. Koanga works closely with preferred software component providers to delivery an overall integrated Cost and Contract management solution.

koanga contract management

With over 35 years of experience within the Project Management field, Koanga has had the opportunity to work with a range of Workflow frameworks to extend the core functionality offered by ‘out of box’ Project, Cost and Contract Control applications. Over the last 7 years, this has included two leading workflow frameworks, Oracle Unifier and FlowForma’s Digital Process Automation software. Koanga primarily uses FlowForma’s Digital Process Automation software given its extendibility and embedded integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Azure LogicApps and Database components.

workflow development

Aligning to one of Koanga’s core architecture principles of using ‘no code’ and standard components wherever possible (to allow for efficient handover of the solution to the client’s IT support team as the end of the project); Koanga primarily leverages off standard Microsoft Cloud-based products such as Azure Databases, API Connectors, LogicApps and Function Apps. This open-standards approach also allows the extended Contract Management solution to integrate into the client’s broader Enterprise infrastructure; particularly if they are also utilising the Microsoft Could-based solutions in their Business-as-Usual activities.

business logic

As part of the Project Controls IT solution rollout, project information may be required to be merged into the client’s Enterprise reporting framework; or at least, to a contained program centric Operational Reporting Solution. To meet this requirement, Koanga would normally assist the client with the generation or extension of the Reporting Database and resulting reporting components. Typically, Koanga would utilise the Microsoft Power BI Reporting Framework as part of this development.

dashboard reporting

One of the main strengths of the Microsoft Azure framework is the ability to configure API connections to various systems for event or time-based integrations in a ‘no-code’ environment. Typically, the underling connection architecture used is either SOAP or REST APIs.

Koanga is keen to see the adoption of common data model frameworks such as Microsoft’s DataVerse as part of any integration architecture. Koanga can present demonstrations of seamless integration between Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations system to ARES PRISM G2 application; utilising Mircosoft’s LogicApp component as the basis for this ‘no-code’ based integration.

Prior to the emergence of this technology, Koanga has had extensive experience with integrating Project Management software with the client’s ERP / Finance applications; achieved either by custom integration or by leveraging off third party integration frameworks.

system integration

The various components / applications supplied by vendors often needs to leverage off a single Document Management control system. While the solution chosen by the client can vary, typically Koanga uses Microsoft’s Cloud-based SharePoint solution as the underling document control framework, including the development of associated Word-based Certificate Templates. In the scenarios where there is a functional requirement to integrate to other document management solutions, Koanga uses relevant REST or SOAP API’s within the Azure LogicApp framework to achieve this requirement.